June 2022: A selection of art exhibitions to view in Eastern Paris this month

Looking for a cultural break? From the Marais to Romainville through Belleville, we’ll be your guide for this month’s selection of art exhibits!



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Hugo Avigo, Camille Benarab-Lopez, Côme Clérino, Aurore Le Duc, Lulù Nuti, and Julian Simon Din♡s

Until June 18th

Artwork featured in the exhibit Dinos at Galerie Chloe Salgado © Camille Benarab-Lopez

Featured at Galerie Chloe Salgado, the artworks of Hugo Avigo, Camille Benarab-Lopez, Côme Clérino, Aurore Le Duc, Lulù Nuti, and Julian Simon stage dinosaurs, undisputed figures of pop culture, into new representations. Through paintings, sculptures, prints, or even electric toys, the artists give a different, sometimes ironic, perspective on these beings that preceded us. An experience that is also olfactory: in a culinary tribute to dinosaurs, Hugo Avigo smoked his canvas like a pizza, even adding spices! The exhibition is part of the Paris Gallery Weekend, which will take place from May 19th to 22nd. — Lucie Goguillot

Wednesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Galerie Chloe Salgado
61 rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris



Louis-Léopold Boilly Chroniques parisiennes

Until June 26th

L’arrivée d’une diligence dans la cour des Messageries, 1803 © Louis Léopold-Boilly – Musée du Louvre

The Musée Cognacq-Jay is dedicating its latest exhibition to the many talents of Louis-Léopold Boilly, “a gifted, prolific and unclassifiable artist” who depicted the lives of Parisians “from one revolution to the dawn of another” – 1789 and 1848. His street scenes, carnival crowds, and other popular jubilations were an opportunity to use his sense of detail and observation and immortalize the capital at a decisive time in its history. The 130 works presented feature an impressive gallery of portraits, between humor and realism, a specialty of the painter who lived and worked by the Grands Boulevards. The exhibit Chroniques parisiennes also includes more intimate but equally striking compositions, such as Deux jeunes femmes s’embrassant (1790-1794), considered “one of the first lesbian kisses” depicted in painting. Several of the artworks can be seen for the very first time in France. — Our article (French)

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am-6pm – €8/€6/€0

Musée Cognacq-Jay
8 rue Elzévir, 75003 Paris



Sanna Kannisto Research on wonder

Until June 11th

Densiometer, 2019 (cropped) – Artwork featured in the exhibit Research on wonder at Galerie La Ferronnerie © Sanna Kannisto

“Galerie la Ferronnerie is pleased to present recent photographs by Sanna Kannisto with the exhibition Research on wonder, marking twenty years of work alongside the internationally exhibited Finnish photographer. Sanna Kannisto approaches photography as an objective document, while retaining a deep desire to express a personal narrative. Sanna Kannisto’s project is related to a subject that has attracted a lot of interest in recent years in the field of visual arts, the territory between art and science. In various ways, her project also refers to the history of scientific visualization. Her images also incorporate a sense of humor and absurdity, a nod to surrealism and structuralism, to the relationship between avant-garde and anthropology.”

Tuesday to Friday: 2pm-7pm – Saturday: 1pm-7pm – Free admission

Galerie La Ferronnerie
40 rue de la Folie-Méricourt, 75011 Paris



Camille Léage Bus 60

Until September 19th

Buttes-Chaumont – Artwork featured in the exhibit Bus 60 on the walls of Pavillon Carré de Baudouin © Camille Léage

“In 2010, Camille Léage started documenting the streets of the neighborhoods of northeastern Paris. During her wanderings in the 18th, 19th, and 20th arrondissements, she defined a protocol to observe her city differently. For ten years, she brought back scenes that testify to the human and architectural diversity of this territory and gives us another image of Paris, far from the clichés of the City of Light, or of the so-called “quartiers sensibles”. Throughout this research, Camille Léage reflects on how to better inhabit the city. She raises questions about diversity between communities, the way public space is shared, and the usefulness of “useless” actions. Her pictures are accompanied by a series of illustrated postcards, along with an essay by Taous Dahmani (historian of photography), and interviews with Solo (co-founder of the rap collective Assassin), as well as Pascale Lapalud and Chris Blache (creators of the platform Genre et Ville).”

Outdoors – Free admission

Walls of Pavillon Carré de Baudouin
Rue des Pyrénées & Rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris



Jessica Lisse Câlins

Until June 13th

Artworks featured in the exhibit Câlins at Slow Galerie © Jessica Lisse

Câlins (Cuddles/Hugs) is a suspended moment, a time for a sweetness and intimacy that seems to last forever. It is when two beings embrace in an instant that belongs only to them. Jessica Lisse has skillfully transcribed these moments with her very personal color palette. With soft and warm tones, a precise work on acrylic, the artist draws fragments of hugs as if taken on the spot. The characters are never represented in their entirety, they are anonymous, timeless and universal. Yet we recognize them, for they could be us. We identify ourselves and become attached to the details of a drape, a hair, a hand… Sensitive and delicate, this exhibition brings us (back) into a not so distant world where tenderness was a habit.”

Monday to Saturday: 11am-7pm – Free admission

Slow Galerie
5 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris



Marylou Bestioles électroniques

Until June 18th

Exhibit Art – Bestioles électroniques at Centre Tignous d’art contemporain © Marylou

“Marylou’s artistic residency explores this deep need for a new techno-natural narrative: a subversive experimentation with the technological medium that does not oppress or discriminate against nature, and that studies its systems as inseparable chains. In partnership with the Office for Insects and their Environment (Opie), the Parc des Beaumonts, and the Parc des Guilands, Marylou’s research focuses on the fragile ecosystems of the region. The artist’s installation consists of a garden of interactive bugs, connected through a network of electronic and sound circuits. Each bug will be an artificial reconstruction of a fragile species such as the meadow sparrow, the Italian cricket, or the agile frog. Their songs will be modulated with the help of different sensors, and thus forming an orchestra of machines dependent on each other.”

Wednesday to Friday: 2pm-6pm (until 9pm on Thursdays) – Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Centre Tignous d’art contemporain
116 rue de Paris, 93100 Montreuil



Néan, Onie Jackson, and Stéphane Parain Group Show

Until June 11th

Gris, Briançon, 2021 – Mural created for the festival Éternelles Crapules – © Néan – Photo credit: Fabe Co

“This collective exhibition by Néan, Onie Jackson, and Stéphane Parain at Atelier Nanoh is an opportunity to address the themes of time, of the human condition. The artists make the walls of the gallery come alive, using different techniques to showcase their vision of the creative process. They invite us to an immersive journey in order to question our relationship to matter and space, and to evoke art history through singular visions and contemporary practices.”

Tuesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Atelier Nanoh
22 rue Jules Vallès, 75011 Paris



Karolina Orzełek Midsummer

Until June 19th

Vertigo, 2022 – Artwork featured in the exhibit Midsummer at Galerie Sabine Bayasli © Karolina Orzełek

After the personal exhibition Lull after the storm last year, and the group show Endless Summer in 2020, painter Karolina Orzełek is back to Galerie Sabine Bayasli with a new solo project, starting May 19th. Originally from Bielsko-Biała in Poland and now a Parisian, the artist was awarded the 2020 Sisley – Beaux Arts de Paris prize for young creatives. Nostalgia for a chimeric elsewhere, deserted yet bewitching beaches, plants that seem to adapt to their environment like chameleons: a change of scenery is guaranteed through Karolina Orzełek’s oils on panels. Midsummer is a new invitation to push the door of a mysterious country in which colors and lights no longer obey the same rules.

Tuesday to Saturday: 12pm-7pm – Free admission

Galerie Sabine Bayasli
99 rue du Temple, 75003 Paris



Tiphaine Popesco Photographies

Until June 16th

Artwork featured in the exhibit Photographies at Galerie Les Temps Donnés © Tiphaine Popesco

“In my photographs, I always associate the figure of the human body with a setting. This decor, alternatively overloaded with objects or sober, is rarely the immediate environment of the models. My goal is not to reflect their living conditions, nor to underline their social status or their belonging to a precise culture, but rather to leave room for the interpretation of the spectator… Another recurring theme appears: the loss of reference points. Placed outside their “natural environment”, in poses that are sometimes unnatural, the models become puppets as if under the control of an external force. This inanimate aspect marks a certain powerlessness relative to the spontaneity of the body; frozen by the weight of conventions, they are also caught by the decoration.” — Tiphaine Popesco

Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Galerie Les Temps Donnés
16 rue des Envierges, 75020 Paris



Laetitia Tura Desmemoria

Until July 2nd

Artwork featured in the exhibit Desmemoria at Pavillon Carré de Baudouin © Laetitia Tura

From the 1939 Retirada of the Spanish Republicans to today’s refugees, crossing the shores of the Mediterranean, photographer and film director Laetitia Tura questions the consequences of exile, of the “confiscation of memory”. The exhibition Desmemoria begins with the story of the artist’s family: her own grandfather, Juan, had to leave his native Catalonia for France and thus escape the regime of the dictator Franco. Behind the Pyrenean border, which remained impossible to cross for such a long time, Laetitia Tura could only learn about Spain through canned squid. “What is transmitted through silence?”, asks the photographer, who documents the individual and societal consequences of these exiles, these interruptions. — Our article (French)

Tuesday to Saturday: 2pm-6pm (7pm on Thursdays) – Free admission

Pavillon Carré de Baudouin
121 Rue de Ménilmontant, 75020 Paris



Floryan Varennes Hypersensibilité

From June 5th to July 16th

Matriarche – Artwork featured in the exhibit Hypersensibilité at Maëlle Galerie © Floryan Varennes

“Referring to senses or emotions, hypersensitivity refers to extreme states of the body – whether positive or negative – an intensity found in the works of Floryan Varennes, made of contrasts between materials, shapes, and concepts. For the artist who chose to name his first solo exhibition at Maëlle Galerie Hypersensitivity, this state is above all an opening towards others, allowed by an exacerbated receptivity, used for compassion and mutual aid. This is how the Matriarch welcomes us in the exhibition, a futuristic entity suspended in space, whose threatening air is matched only by its tutelary role: an assembly of PVC and medical instruments, it also evokes the shapes of a riveted medieval armor. A goddess of care, the Matriarch is both curative and protective: she watches over us.” — Kevin Bideaux

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-6pm – Free admission

Maëlle Galerie
29 rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville



In the banlieues: Oakland/Saint-Denis

From June 15th to August 28th

Exhibition Art – In the banlieues : Oakland/Saint-Denis at Pavillon de l’Arsenal

“Whatever you call them – suburbs, peripheries, urban fringes… – this exhibition highlights the symbolic reversal from the center to the periphery. Artistic movements, social struggles, urban innovations: the suburbs of Oakland, California, and Saint-Denis are proving their influence in inventing solutions to the challenges of poverty and the accelerated urban development that metropolises are facing. Combining urban, artistic, and social approaches, In the Banlieues retraces the key moments in the history of the two cities and reveals, through concrete experiences and illustrated stories, their contributions to current urban planning practices. Agitators of ideas, creators of connections, spokespersons for those who are rarely heard, revelators of spaces and models of cooperation, the actors of these territories use their sensitivity to build on a human scale.”

Tuesday to Sunday: 11am-7pm – Free admission

Pavillon de l’Arsenal
21 boulevard Morland, 75004 Paris



La vie HLM

Until June 30th

Exhibition art – La vie HLM. Histoires d’habitant·e·s de logements populaires. Aubervilliers, 1950-2000

La vie HLM. Aubervilliers, 1950-2000 is an exhibition presented in situ, in the Grosperrin building of the Émile-Dubois housing estate, commonly called “les 800” since their construction in 1957, in the immediate vicinity of the Fort of Aubervilliers. The exhibition offers an immersive experience in the daily life and the paths of four families who lived in the housing estate from the 1950s to the 2000s, through the reconstruction of all or part of their homes. During the two different visits that can be experienced, guides tell the history of Aubervilliers and contemporary France seen from working-class neighborhoods.”

Tuesday: 9:30am-5:15pm – Wednesday: 9:30am-4:15pm – Thursday: 9am-3:30pm – Friday: 9:30am-5:15pm – Saturday: 9:30am-5:30pm – €8/€6/€3/€0

Barre Grosperrin
8 allée Charles Grosperrin, 93300 Aubervilliers



Les couleurs du monde – Renaissance

June 9th-12th

Warm southern coast, 2021 – Artwork featured in the exhibit Les couleurs du monde – Renaissance at Espace Commines © Gordon Hopkins

“The association Enfants du Mékong is pleased to announce that its contemporary art exhibition-sale Les couleurs du monde : Renaissance will be held at the Espace Commines from June 9th-12th. Thanks to the great generosity of 36 artists, all the works exhibited and sold will be used to finance projects in support of the Burmese population. Abstract or figurative paintings, engravings, sculptures, photographs… An invitation to travel and explore. On this occasion, actress Cyrielle Clair has accepted to preside over the event.”

Thursday to Sunday: 11am-8pm (10pm on Saturdays) – Free admission

Espace Commines
17 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris



Pioneers – Artists in the Paris of the Roaring Twenties

Until July 10th

Mademoiselle Chanel © Marie Laurencin – Fondation Foujita – Adagp Paris 2021 – Photo RMN-Grand Palais – Musée de l’Orangerie

“Having long been marginalised and discriminated against, both in terms of their training and their access to galleries, collectors and museums, women artists in the first half of the 20th century nevertheless played an essential role in the development of the major artistic movements of our times, even if this was not acknowledged during their lifetime. It is only recently that their role in the avant-gardes has been explored; indeed, it stands to reason that once these women’s role is properly recognised, these movements will be transformed. This exhibition invites us to reinstate them in this changing history of art, from Fauvism to abstraction via Cubism, Dada and Surrealism, but also in the worlds of architecture, dance, design, literature and fashion, as well as scientific discovery. Their visual and conceptual explorations attest to their audacity and courage in the face of established conventions that confined women within certain professions and stereotypes. They express, in many different ways, a desire to redefine the role of women in the modern world.”

Every day: 10:30am-7pm (until 10pm on Mondays) – €14,50/€10,50/€0

Musée du Luxembourg
19 rue de Vaugirard, 75006 Paris



200th anniversary of Parisian canals

Until June 23rd

Le canal au début du XXe siècle © François-Marie Firmin-Girard – Paris Musées – Musée Carnavalet

“This exhibition, conceived by the Comité d’histoire de la ville de Paris and the 10th arrondissement city hall, retraces the history of Canal Saint-Martin in ten key dates: from Bonaparte’s founding decree, to the installation of a vegetated raft, through the history of bateaux-lavoirs, or of the motorway project which almost led, in the 1960s, to the disappearance of the canal and the surrounding neighborhood. An opportunity to remember the many lives of this urban jewel, but also to prepare together for its future.”

Outdoors – Free admission

Outside Jardin Villemin
Jardin Villemin, 75010 Paris




Illustration :
Le canal au début du XXe siècle © François-Marie Firmin-Girard – Paris Musées – Musée Carnavalet




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