September 2023: A selection of art exhibits to view in Eastern Paris this month

Looking for a cultural break? From the Marais to Pantin through Ménilmontant and La Villette, we’ll be your guide for this month’s selection of art exhibits!



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Artistes de Ménilmontant Open Studios 2023

Thursday, September 28th to Sunday, October 1st

-Open Studios 2023 © Artistes de Ménilmontant

Nearly one hundred artists will welcome the public to their studios for the 32nd Artistes de Ménilmontant’s Open Studios, a “free event open to all” to be held this year from Thursday, September 28th, to Sunday, October 1st. The event is first and foremost an opportunity to talk with the artists “in their own worlds” and creative spaces, transformed into exhibition spaces once a year. “The Artistes de Ménilmontant, in addition to promoting their art, continue their approach of reflection, exchange and integration within their neighborhood”, explains the association. Joint artistic initiatives and other partnerships are planned with several local structures, including the Relais Ménilmontant social center, the Archipelia socio-cultural center, and the ESAT Ménilmontant. […] — Our article (French)

Thursday to Sunday: 2pm-8pm (until 9pm on Thursdays) – Free admission

Ménilmontant neighorhood
Two welcome centers will be open for the duration of the event:
• Main information and exhibition space: Galerie Ménil’8 – 8 rue Boyer, 75020 Paris
• Secondary information center: ESAT Ménilmontant – 40 rue des Panoyaux, 75020 Paris



David Bruce & Simon Poter Jumpincolors

Until September 15th

Artwork featured in the exhibit Jumpincolors at Quai 36 © Simon Poter

Jumpincolors is the new event proposed by Hatchikian Gallery and Quai 36, following on from their artistic partnership. This spring and summer will be punctuated by pulsating colors with a duo show by David Bruce and Simon Poter, designed by curators Audrey Hatchikian and Julie Frydman. The cross-over between an art gallery and an urban art production company offers an original opportunity to appreciate the interferences between mural practice and pictorial research in the works of two artists who play with bursts of color and stylized forms. Inspired by the codes and imaginary of urban playgrounds, David Bruce and Simon Poter deploy a resolutely sunny and carefree acid pop visual language, carrying a playful utopia that wards off the existential tragedy.”

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-6pm – Free admission

Quai 36
43 rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville



Rachel Fleminger Hudson – Solo show at the Studio

Until October 1st

Untitled – Artwork featured at the Maison européenne de la photographie’s Studio © Rachel Fleminger Hudson

For her first solo show, Rachel Fleminger Hudson is hosted by the MEP’s Studio, as the institution also features works by Rineke Dijkstra (I See You) and Maya Rochat (Poetry of the Earth) on its upper floors. Until October 1st, the walls of the space dedicated to emerging creation will be adorned with photographs rethinking the imaginary of the 1970s through the eyes and camera of the multidisciplinary artist. Photographer Rachel Fleminger Hudson studies fashion, and is also a film director, as evidenced by the projection of her short film La Ronde, an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s play of the same name, on the Studio’s wall. — Our article (French)

Wednesday to Friday: 11am-8pm (until 10pm on Thursdays) – Saturday & Sunday: 10am-8pm – €12/€9/€7

Maison européenne de la photographie
5/7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris



Corentin Lespagnol Cityscapes

Until September 15th

Rome 2 – Artwork featured in the exhibit Cityscapes at 4M2 Galerie © Corentin Lespagnol

“From the beginning, Corentin Lespagnol has wanted to experiment with the primary specificity of the photographic medium: taking reality into account, and attempting to transcribe it, to apprehend it as closely as possible. ‘My practice is mainly based on a documentary approach. The objects, shapes, traces, signs and urban and natural landscapes photographed become pretexts for creating serial collections that serve as raw material for a decomposed reading of reality’, explains the artist. […] The fragments of time and space collected and selected, then assembled and reorganized, finally constitute the elements necessary for the creation of a personal fiction: a form of natural artificiality that can give the observer an ambiguous perception of the images proposed. Corentin Lespagnol’s choice to offer a catalog of carefully selected viewpoints invites viewers to recreate their own vision of the chosen themes.” — Brigitte Négrier, Galerie La Ferronnerie – Paris

Monday to Friday: 9:30am-7pm – Free admission

4M2 Galerie
36 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris



Clémence Trossevin Les Passages

From September 7th to October 10th

Repos – Artwork featured in the exhibit Les Passages at Slow Galerie © Clémence Trossevin – Slow Galerie

“This is Clémence Trossevin’s second exhibition at Slow Galerie: in 2020, Ici, l’ombre est bleue anchored in her native Cévennes, recounted river baths, endless card games, siesta afternoons, time slowly passing… From September 7th to October 10th, Clémence exhibits Les Passages, a series of around thirty gouache paintings inspired by her regular migrations between her native South and Paris, where she has been living for several years. The artist invites us to move from one universe to another, from the exuberant nature of the Cévennes to the cobblestones of Paris.”

Monday to Saturday: 11am-7pm – Free admission

Slow Galerie
5 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris



Joana Vasconcelos Arbre de vie

Until September 3rd

Arbre de vie – Artwork featured at the Sainte-Chapelle of Château de Vincennes © Joana Vasconcelos

“Born in 1971, Joana Vasconcelos is a visual artist known for her monumental sculptures, with a 25-year practice that also includes film and drawing. She has sought to question what craft can be in the 21st century. She integrates everyday objects with irony and humor, creating a link between domestic environment and public space, while questioning the status of women, consumer society and collective identity. Specially created for the Sainte-Chapelle, the installation Arbre de Vie is 13 meters high and its nearly 100,000 black, red and gold leaves were embroidered and woven by hand in the artist’s workshop. The installation also echoes the mythological female figure of Daphne who transforms herself into a tree to escape from Apollo.”

Every day: 10am-1pm & 2pm-5:30pm – €9,5/€7,5/€0 (included with the admission to the castle)

Château de Vincennes
Avenue de Paris, 94300 Vincennes



Après l’Éclipse

Until October 22nd

Exhibit view – Après L’Éclipse at Magasins généraux

With the collective exhibition Après l’Éclipse, on view until October 22nd, the Magasins Généraux in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) aim to present “new forms, new narratives, and new artistic imaginaries”. Such is the case, for example, with Seumboy Vrainom, who questions “the appropriation of digital space and access to information” through the use of artificial intelligence. Organized around a narrative by Pantin art historian and critic Horya Maklouf, the exhibition brings together a true mosaic of creative processes. The public will discover films by Zine Andrieu, Valentin Noujaïm and Rayane Mcirdi, between “documentary and fantastic fiction”, autobiographical compositions in oil or acrylic by Neïla Czermak Ichti, Ibrahim Meït Sikely and Lassana Sarra, and new video and sound projects by Christelle Oyiri and Silina Syan. “Scattered in space”, four monologue-works by Ndayé Kouagou weave new links between the various artists featured, expressing “intimate reflections on themes such as freedom, love, the quest for identity, and open-mindedness”. — Our article (French)

Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Magasins généraux
1 rue de l’Ancien Canal, 93500 Pantin



Corps à corps – Histoire(s) de la photographie

From September 6th to March 25th

First Reflection, New York. 1940 © Lisette Model – Collection Marin Kermitz – Centre Pompidou

“Rassemblant plus de cinq cents photographies et documents réalisés par quelque cent vingt photographes historiques et contemporains, Corps à corps offre un regard inédit sur les représentations photographiques du genre humain aux 20e et 21e siècles. L’exposition dépasse les catégories d’étude classiques telles que “le portrait”, “l’autoportrait”, “le nu”, ou encore la photographie dite “humaniste”. Elle dévoile des particularités, des manières de voir “photographiques” et rend visibles des correspondances entre artistes. On leur découvre des obsessions communes, dans leur façon d’appréhender le sujet, comme dans leur approche stylistique. Les images exposées nourrissent aussi des questionnements sur la responsabilité du photographe : comment la photographie participe-t-elle à la naissance des identités et à leur visibilité ? Comment raconte-t-elle les individualités, le rapport à l’autre ?”

Every day except Tuesdays: 11am-9pm (until 11pm on Thursdays) – €17/€14/€0

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges Pompidou, 75004 Paris



Toucher Terre

Until December 17th

Artworks from the series Moss People featured in the exhibit Toucher Terre at Espace Monte Cristo © Kim Simonsson – Courtesy Galerie NeC / Jefunne Gimpel

“In an exhibition space committed to contemporary sculpture and through the artworks of the Villa Datris Foundation, Toucher Terre brings together more than 50 ceramic artworks by French and international artists on the theme of Earth. The discovery of the material plunges us into a primitive forest sheltering various animal and plant species – creatures inspired by nature, mythology and folktales. From the bowels of the Earth as archaeological witness of our civilization, to the intimacy of the workshop where accident and control, chance and luck reign, ceramics reveals its strengths and weaknesses.”

Wednesday to Sunday: 11am-6:30pm – Free admission

Espace Monte Cristo
9 rue Monte-Cristo, 75020 Paris



Urgence climatique

Until December 31st

Exhibit Urgence climatique at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie © A. Robin – EPPDCSI

In La Villette (19th arrondissement), the Cité des Sciences is renowned for its playful exhibitions, with visitors taking part in experiments in which they are the protagonists. Faced with one of the major challenges of our century, and in order to raise awareness regarding climate change, the museum features an interactive tour to explore the subject. The program includes game-like workshops, explanatory panels, data visualizations, and interactive videos, all presented by scientists, engineers, and sociologists. […] — Our article (French)

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-6pm – Sunday: 10am-7pm
Also in English – From 15+ – €13/€10/€0

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie
30 avenue Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris



C’est le bouquet

Until September 9th

“Between the passing of time, kitsch eroticism, vanitas and still life, the bouquet, whose abundant symbolism allows us to tackle just about anything and everything, is sometimes seen as the last straw, the beginning of the trouble… Flowers are perishable, as we all know. It’s time, therefore, to address issues of concern, perhaps without overshadowing the scene too much. After an initial presentation at the boutique Land, the exhibition C’est le bouquet brings together artists Alice Aldrin-Schrepfer, Victor Apruzzese, Perrine Boudy, Joseph Dadoune, Julie Dubos, Laurent Goumarre, Sébastien Gouju, Sylvain Grundlinger, Benjamin Hochart, Debora Incorvaia, Charlotte Moreau, Antoine Medes, Laurent Poléo Garnier, Vincent Villard and with the participation of Haydee: Of ceramica, and Studio Reiser.”

Free admission

Hyperbien Galerie
55 rue François Arago, 93100 Montreuil



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Illustration (cropped):
Untitled – Artwork featured at the Maison européenne de la photographie’s Studio
© Rachel Fleminger Hudson




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