October 2020: A selection of art exhibits to see this month in eastern Paris

Having adapted their rules to safely welcome the public, Parisian galleries and cultural centers offer a beautiful range of exhibitions in this early autumn. From the Bastille and République neighborhoods to the heights of Belleville, we’ll be your guide for this month’s selection of art exhibits!



Les Ateliers d’artistes de Belleville – “Anima”

October 2nd-5th

In the workshop of local artist Catherine Rauscher © Paris Lights Up

Each year since 1990, the artists of Belleville open the doors of their studios! This year’s Open House days will be held on October 2nd-5th to explore the theme “Anima, the Latin word for air, breathing, what holds us back to life”.

The annual art walk is always an opportunity for an exciting cultural stroll to meet the creatives who live and work there. This year’s event will bring together around 135 artists and collectives. Workshops, concerts, dance performances, conferences and screenings are also planned during each of these four days.

Long read: Mobilized to preserve the neighborhood’s identity, the artists of Belleville open their workshops on October 2nd-5th

Friday to Monday: 2pm8pm + Nuit Blanche le samedi 3 – Entrée libre

Belleville neighborhood
Paris’ 10th – 11th – 19th – 20th arrondissements


AOS – Solo Exhibition

October 1st-14th

Expo AOS - Copie
© AOS – Galerie Les Temps Donnés

AOS, a young artist based in Lisbon, is back in Belleville with a second solo exhibition at Les Temps donnés. The gallery will feature his “poetic and poignant scenes created with drawing, painting, collage, and cutting” until October 14th.

The minimalist universe of the artist, inhabited by childish characters, plays with the semblance of innocence to denounce the gravity of our time. “Religion, technology, power, politics and now the health crisis” are all tackled with dark humor, but not without tenderness.

Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Les Temps donnés
16 Rue des Envierges, 75020 Paris


Martes Bathori – “Utopia Forever”
Véronique Dorey – “Der Wald”

Until October 17th

Véronique Dorey Der Wald - Copie
Artwork from the series ‘Der Wald’ presented at Galerie Arts Factory © Véronique Dorey

Be prepared for a a real graphic fireworks this month at the Galerie Arts Factory! The artists Martes Bathori and Véronique Dorey are reunited for a double exhibition that highlights their respective inspirations and visions.

Rich with contrasts, the lead pencil drawings that make up the series “Der Wald” take us under the dark foliage of a Germanic forest — a chance for Véronique Dorey’s mysterious characters to wander off the path? In “Utopia Forever”, it is on the contrary an avalanche of colors that gives life to a dystopian universe with Orwellian echoes. Later this month, the gallery will present another exhibition dedicated to the mangaka Eldo Yoshimizu, which will be held from October 21st to November 21st.

Monday to Saturday: 12:30pm-7:30pm – Free admission

Galerie Arts Factory
27 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris


Audrey Borgel & Silver FoxExpolaroid 2020

October 6th-11th

Expolaroid - Copie
Deauville Beach / Sukhna Beach © Silver Fox

On the occasion of the Expolaroid 2020 festival, the Gallery Art C. brings together nearly fifty photographs by the artists Silver Fox and Audrey Borgel. In the latter’s portfolio, “the polaroid is reworked to take it out of its usual context and present it in other formats and media”, evoking in turn a secret Paris, the poetry of trees and the sweetness of summer.

Silver Fox, for his part, “creates his photographs as a painter would, playing with matters and textures while favoring coherence, light and framing”. Here, wide-open spaces and their horizons follow more minimalist compositions, echoing his preferred themes such as movement, wandering, and intimacy.

Tuesday & Wednesday: 3:30pm-7:30pm – Thursday: 11am-8pm – Friday: 3:30pm-8pm – Saturday: 11am-10pm – Sunday: 1:30pm-6pm – Free admission

Gallery Art C.
18 Rue Camille Desmoulins, 75011 Paris


Aurore Le Duc – Our hearts on the picture rails

Until October 17th

Aurore Le Duc - Copie
From the project Supporters de Galeries © Aurore Le Duc – Photo : Sébastien Baverel

Five years after the launch of her project “Les Supporters de Galerie” (The Gallery Supporters), the Montreuil-based artist Aurore Le Duc continues her study of the relationship between elitist and popular culture. The exhibition “Nos cœurs sur les cimaises” (Our hearts on the picture rails) draws a surprising and biting parallel between the football and contemporary art industries. In their economic drifts as in their media approach, aren’t the two worlds faced with similar issues?

Scarves, logos and tifosi songs: the artist’s “ironic fan art” takes over the Chloe Salgado gallery like a “supporters’ club”. The gallery is also celebrating its two years of existence on the occasion of this exhibition. The short film “Hors-Jeu”, which explores the artistic process of Aurore Le Duc, will be screened there on Saturday, October 3rd. The screenings will be attended by directors Léopold Gautier, Maëva Nicol and Diane de la Thibauderie.

Wednesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Galerie Chloe Salgado
61 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris


Group Show – “Bêtes de Scène à Paris”

Until December 20th

Dionysis Kavallieratos
Kavalieratos Dionisis – Duck , 2016, Collection Fondation Villa Datris, photo: © Bertrand Hugues

Thanks to the exhibit “Bêtes de Scène (à Paris) – Animals in contemporary sculpture”, Parisians have the opportunity to discover the surprising artworks that attracted nearly 50,000 visitors last year in Lubéron, the region where the Villa Datris Foundation is based.

Some sixty pieces are reunited for the occasion at the Espace Monte Cristo, a few minutes away from Père Lachaise. The animal world has inspired the sculptures of 29 French and international artists, questioning our relationship with wildlife and our environment. Among the great names of contemporary art who bring the Villa Datris collections to life are Rina Banerjee, Katia Bourdarel, César, Kate MccGwire and Evert Lindfors.

Wednesday to Sunday: 11am-6:30pm – Free

Fondation Villa Datris – Espace Monte Cristo
9 rue Monte Cristo, 75020 Paris
+33 (0)1 48 17 60 60


Group Show“Manifest of Freedom”

Until October 18th

Su Yang - Copie
Artworks from the exhibit Un manifeste de liberté à la 193 Gallery © Su Yang

The 193 Gallery continues its exploration of new photographic horizons: this fall, visitors have the chance to discover the works and talent of seven artists from China and Taiwan. Following in the footsteps of Ren Hang’s performances, the guest photographers challenge imaginations with poetic fantasy to co-sign a “Manifesto of freedom” that resonates with our times.

Curator Lisa Miquet specifies that “John Yuyi’s pop portraits will meet the raw clichés of Lao Xie Xie; Ka Xioxi’s lively evenings will cross paths with Su Yang’s intimate work. Finally, the sensuality of Li Hui’s images will contrast with Yuyang Liu’s documentary approach. These emerging talents will be complemented by a few shots from Ren Hang, whose archives never cease to amaze us with their visual genius”.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30am-7:30pm – Sunday: Noon-6pm – Free admission

193 Gallery
7 Rue des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris


Group Show – “Un plus grand lac”

October 3rd-25th

Un plus grand lac - Copie
La barque de nuit – 2019 © Rémi Coignec

On the occasion of the exhibition “Un plus grand lac”, the Magasins généraux welcome fifteen artists from the École des Beaux-Arts and the École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Creatives committed to “a professional world known for its precariousness, they produce works that appear to be means of adaptation; as many strategies to apprehend the territory they inhabit, to appropriate it, renew it, invest it, or even reshape it to make it an ally”.

“By rethinking our interactions with our habitat, this exhibition was born out of a spring with disrupted scales, where the most insignificant of infected particles taught us the considerable power of its echoes”. It will feature 35 works by artists Rémi Coignec, Margaux Cusin, Gabriel Day, Elisa Florimond, Victoire Gonzalvez, Arthur Guespin, Lauren Januhowski, Ariane Jouhaud, Nastassia Kotava, Maïa Lacoustille, Lucille Leger, margaus, Kieu-Anh Phuong Nguyen, Noémie Pilo and César Ropponen Brunel. Several events are also scheduled: a round table on the eco-design of exhibitions on Saturday, October 10th, a performance by the artist margaus on the 17th, and an “Art & Book Fair” day with a concert and DJ set on the 24th.

Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-8pm – Free admission

Magasins généraux
1 Rue de l’Ancien Canal, 93500 Pantin
+33 (0)1 56 41 39 38


Alain Fleischer – “L’Aventure générale”

October 10th-December 6th

La Traversée des apparences, 1987 © Alain Fleischer

For nearly two months, the cultural center of the 19th arrondissement honors the multifaceted artist Alain Fleischer, at the same time visual artist, writer, director and photographer. The vaults and large spaces of the Centquatre allow him to display his abundant inventory of performances and installations over more than 2,500m², with more than forty works presented in total.

What to exect from this promising title, “L’aventure générale”? For Alain Fleischer, “it should be understood as an extension of adventure to all the fields of thought, affects, and to the artistic languages that I like to practice”. According to him, this “extension of the adventure has an inexhaustible interest for the human being and an insatiable curiosity for the universe of shapes and forms, where reality is only the other side of illusion”.

Wednesday to Sunday: 2pm-7pm – €8/€5/€3

Le Centquatre
5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris
+33 (0)1 53 35 50 00


Elsa Guillaume“Tritonades et Coelacanthe”

Until October 24th

Elsa Guillaume - Copie
Artwork presented in the exhibit “Tritonades et Coelacanthe” at Backslash gallery © Elsa Guillaume

Not far from the Place de la République, the Backslash gallery has been fostering the aquatic bestiary of Elsa Guillaume, a graduate of Beaux-Arts de Paris. Between fins and tentacles, her fantastic creations escape from the world of tales and mythology to establish a link between the maritime and terrestrial worlds.

Whether sculpted or drawn, Elsa Guillaume’s tritons and other coelacanths are “now monstrous, now gentle, endearing yet alarming. This is the ambiguity the artist looks to metamorphosize. Our relationship with water resembles this ambivalence, an unconditional love for the oceans jostling with fear of the depths of the sea”. The exhibition is on the program of the Vivant 2020, “a cultural season for biodiversity”.

Tuesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Fre admission

29 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris
+33 (0)9 81 39 60 01


Dorothy Iannone – “Extase and The Roulette Table”

Until October 31st

Giant People (Robert Filliou, Dorothy Iannone, Jan Voss, Marianne Filliou) – 2020 © Dorothy Iannone

In Romainville, not far from the Canal de l’Ourcq, Air de Paris presents two historical works by Dorothy Iannone, an American artist now living in Berlin. She became known in the 1960s for her very personal version of abstract expressionism, advocating equality of the sexes as well as a joyful eroticism.

Four new artworks are also presented as part of the exhibition “Extase and the Roulette Table”: the Giant People, silhouettes cut out of wood representing the artist and her companions in the age of flower power. An opportunity to rediscover an artist whose life and artistic journey join together in an “poetic performance, unafraid and with bright colours”.

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am-7pm – Free admission

Air de Paris
43 Rue de la Commune de Paris, 93230 Romainville


Harouna Ouédraogo & Abou Traoré – Paintings / Sculptures

Until October 24th

Artworks presented at Galerie Art-Z © Harouna Ouédraogo / © Abou Traoré

Specializing in contemporary art from the African continent and witness of its vitality, the Art-Z gallery presents a selection of works by painter Harouna Ouédraogo and sculptor Abou Traoré, both from Burkina Faso, until October 24th.

The latter uses lost-wax casting to “work on ritual masks, for their form and social role”. In dialogue with his sculptures, we find the luminous canvases of his compatriot. The head of the gallery Olivier Sultan believes that “to love the work of Harouna Ouédraogo, you have to love painting. Not the painting that ‘tells’, or the painting that ‘illustrates’ or that ‘represents”, but the painting for itself, in its color, its materiality, in the very gesture that brings it onto the canvas”.

Wednesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Free admission

Galerie Art-Z
27 Rue Keller, 75011 Paris


Stella Sujin“Biaisées”

Until October 30th

Stella Sujin - Copie
Kindred Virgins / Scarlet Vice / The Shadow Mates – Artworks presented in the exhibit ‘Biaisées’ at the gallery La Maison Juste © Stella Sujin – www.stellasujin.com

This month, the gallery La Maison Juste welcomes the multidisciplinary artist Stella Sujin, bringing together several series of recent works through fifteen paintings and six ceramic sculptures. Her pieces question the representations of women in contemporary art, in a series of portraits with mythological evocations which cannot be summed up by their apparent softness.

In “Biaisées”, the artist “does not seek to present her ‘self’ as in a self-portrait; on the contrary, she only shows fictions of ‘me’. The artist pursues the broken links between the female subject and her body. She repeatedly explores, questions and redefines the relationships between subject and object, between skin and clothing, between masking and unmasking”.

Free admission

Galerie La Maison Juste
4 Impasse Charles Petit, 75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 09 15 50



Illustration (cropped):
La barque de nuit – 2019 – Artwork presented at Magasins généraux for the exhibition ‘Un plus grand lac’

© Rémi Coignecinstagram.com/remicoignec

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