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The Day Notre-Dame Was On Fire

“Notre-Dame is burning!”

Anyone in Paris on the evening of April 15th must have heard this incredulous statement. In the sky, a thickening plume of smoke made sure there was no mistaking. Its changing colors were odd, so was its origin, seemingly soaring from the very center of the city.

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Paris protests rising anti-Semitism – Paris se lève contre un antisémitisme croissant

On Tuesday night, Thousands gathered on Place de la République to protest rising anti-Semitism in France, with a +74% surge in registered incidents last year and a recent series of attacks against Jewish targets.

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Ménilmontant: Last chance to visit the (free!) Willy Ronis exhibit

Hosted at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin for the 10th anniversary of the venue’s public opening, the iconic Parisian photographer, Willy Ronis, has already drawn over 70.000 visitors in the heart of the neighborhood that inspired him. Its first big success, Belleville Ménilmontant (1954), was the result of strolls through the narrow streets of then largely working-class Eastern Paris.

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