Artists of Belleville Open their Workshop Doors to the Public on October 2nd-5th

The 31st “Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville”, a yearly public art walk organised by the local artists association, will take place on October 2nd-5th.

Each year since 1990,  Belleville and Ménilmontant based artists open the doors of their studios to the public for a long weekend. This year, art enthusiasts can take a behind the scenes look at artworks which will explore the theme “Anima,” the “Latin word for air, breathing”.

The annual art walk organized the Belleville Artists’ Workshops attracts a wide variety of visitors: nearly 50,000 of them are expected this fall. This open house event is always an opportunity for an exciting artistic treasure hunt through the steep streets of the neighborhood, whose history is inseparable from the creativity of its residents. During these four days, visitors can explore its secret hidden courtyards and discrete workshops turned festive.

Entrance to the workshops and access to the event is “free and open”. One of the primary objectives of the art walk is to “allow for encounters and exchanges between artists and all audiences”. With more than 250 professional and emerging artists along with some fifteen collectives, the Belleville Artists’ Workshops are a guarantee of versatility: “painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, engraving, installation, collage, textile art, silkscreen printing, lacquer, and contemporary embroidery” will be represented this year.

Art lovers will have a panoply of choices, with around 110 Bellevillois workshops welcoming the public across the 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th arrondissements of Paris. This event will also include institutions and venues that contribute to the cultural richness of the neighborhood, such as the Villa Belleville and its artistic residences.


Portes Ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville
October 2nd-5th 2020


Photograph : Workshops on rue Ramponeau, in Paris’ 20th arrondissement, during the 2019 “Portes ouvertes des Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville.” On the left side, artworks by Angélique sculpture –
© Paris Lights Up

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