DJAO, a touching portrait-documentary on “the question of the marks left by a migration”

Produced with the support of the local association autremonde, the documentary short film “DJAO – After the Road” shows the daily life of Mamadou, who was forced to flee the Ivory Coast to reach Paris.

From the evocations of a painful past to glimpses of hope, his personal story is the theme of this nine-minute film. It is the result of a “collaborative work” with director Loïc Phil, whose team accompanied Mamadou K. for several days.

The documentary “DJAO – After the Road” evokes “the marks left by a migration” through an audacious and powerful esthetic. His sensitive photographic approach echoes the thoughts of his main actor, from the wounds one would prefer to forget to the new friendships woven on the road to exile.



Produced by Gump Studio, the documentary also received support from autremonde, an “association of solidarities against indifference and exclusion” active across north-east Paris — its offices are located a few steps away from the Parc de Belleville (20th arrondissement), where a few scenes were shot.

Clémentine Silengo, who works for the association, explains that “its main goal is to renew and maintain the link with people in precarious situations, isolation and migration”. Today, the autremonde team includes 350 volunteers, seven salaried employees and three volunteers under service civique contracts.


“DJAO – After the Road”


Association autremonde
30 Rue de la Mare, 75020 Paris

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