Our Guide to Bars in Eastern Paris – 20th arrondissement

Paris’ hilly 20th arrondissement is a mosaic of former villages, and has managed to keep a very distinctive flair to this day. Rich with charming small squares and lively streets lined with terrasses, its neighborhoods have proven to be enduring and celebrated hotspots of the city’s nightlife.

With their narrow streets sloping down to the bustling boulevards downhill, Belleville and Ménilmontant are two of the most iconic neighborhoods of Eastern Paris. These historically working-class neighborhoods became a favorite nightlife retreat of Parisians even before they were incorporated as part of the capital in 1860. Their lively reputation remains true to this day!

Further south, the Père Lachaise, Gambetta and Charonne areas also offer a lot of options – often in a more quiet setting. South of the cemetery walls, don’t forget to check out the charming Rue des Vignoles and the neighborhood of Charonne, centered around its church and main street like a countryside village.

Where are the best spots to grab a drink in the 20th arrondissement of Paris? Follow the guide:


– Best spots to grab a drink in Eastern Paris – 20th arrondissement –




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