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September 2019: 10 art exhibits to see in Eastern Paris

The luckiest of Parisians are returning from the summer holidays whereas local galleries are slowly emerging from the seasonal drowsiness. Here’s our monthly art selection with 10 exhibits to see across Eastern Paris, from République to la Villette and Belleville.

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August 2019: Our monthly selection of art exhibits in Eastern Paris

The entrance to the Louvre and the banks of the Seine may be a bit overcrowded for peak tourist season, but this is not necessarily the case across other faubourgs of the capital. Let’s explore some of Eastern Paris’ artsy neighborhoods, from Bastille to La Villette through the hills of Ménilmontant!

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Photo Story: Paris Pride March honors the events of Stonewall

Fifty years after the Stonewall Riots, tens of thousands marched in the streets of Paris to show support for the LGBTQ+ community and denounce the violence and discrimination its members still face to this day.

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Our Guide to Bars in Eastern Paris – 20th arrondissement

Paris’ hilly 20th arrondissement is a mosaic of former villages, and has managed to keep a very distinctive flair to this day. Rich with charming small squares and lively streets lined with terrasses, its neighborhoods have proven to be enduring and celebrated hotspots of the city’s nightlife.

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Will the Paris métro (finally) increase all-night service?

Starting September 2019, some of the lines of the Paris metro will offer all-night service one Saturday a month as an experimentation. Many suggest increasing the scope of this initiative, deemed praiseworthy yet still unsufficient.

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The Day Notre-Dame Was On Fire

“Notre-Dame is burning!”

Anyone in Paris on the evening of April 15th must have heard this incredulous statement. In the sky, a thickening plume of smoke made sure there was no mistaking. Its changing colors were odd, so was its origin, seemingly soaring from the very center of the city.

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April 2019 : 10 Free Exhibits to See in Eastern Paris

Spring has finally come, flowers are blossoming in Parisian squares and gardens, and it’s the perfect season to take an art walk! Here’s our April selection of free exhibits in the capital’s Eastern neighborhoods, from the banks of Canal Saint-Martin to the hills of Belleville and Ménilmontant:

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