The ‘Bobines Sociales’ Film Festival Returns from January 26 to February 2

The 17th edition of the Bobines Sociales festival will be held at La Bellevilloise on the first weekend of February, concluding a whole week of ‘Hors Les Murs’ screenings across Eastern Paris.

Organized by the association Pavé & Manivelle since 2003, the « social film festival » aims to « show movies that are not always well-known, often self-produced or with limited distribution, independent and pluralist, tackling issues either ignored or rarely discussed by distribution networks. »

The event will start as soon as January 26th with a ‘Hors Les Murs’ program bringing together six venues in the 19th and 20th arrondissements (see map below), which will each host a « pay what you want » screening: the Claude Lévi-Strauss and Couronnes – Naguib Mahfouz libraries, the sociocultural center Archipelia, the art space DOC!, the bar Le Lieu-Dit, and the Marguerite Duras multimedia library.

About fifteen movies are scheduled at La Bellevilloise on February 1st & 2nd for the festival itself, in a selection adressing diverse themes all echoing current news: police brutality, transidentity, repression in Congo, etc. On the last day of the festival, Jean-Louis Le Tacon, a documentary and anthropological film specialist at Paris Nanterre university, will be leading the film-making workshop « Le cadre au corps », a performance aiming to tackle « body techniques related to light filming (phone, camera, etc.). »

It is worth noting that most screenings, in the case of both ‘Hors Les Murs’ and films presented at La Bellevilloise, will be followed by a « meeting and debates with the authors and guests ». A good illustration of the raison d’être of Bobines Sociales, showcasing a « mosaic of visions about struggles that are ours as well. »



Price: Pay What You Want (Hors les Murs) – 1 Film: €5 – 1 Day: €10 – 2 Days (Pass): €16
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Bobines Sociales Festival

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