The ‘Bobines Sociales’ Film Festival Returns from January 26 to February 2

The 17th edition of the Bobines Sociales festival will be held at La Bellevilloise on the first weekend of February, concluding a whole week of ‘Hors Les Murs’ screenings across Eastern Paris.

Organized by the association Pavé & Manivelle since 2003, the “social film festival” aims to “show movies that are not always well-known, often self-produced or with limited distribution, independent and pluralist, tackling issues either ignored or rarely discussed by distribution networks.”

The event will start as soon as January 26th with a ‘Hors Les Murs’ program bringing together six venues in the 19th and 20th arrondissements (see map below), which will each host a “pay what you want” screening: the Claude Lévi-Strauss and Couronnes – Naguib Mahfouz libraries, the sociocultural center Archipelia, the art space DOC!, the bar Le Lieu-Dit, and the Marguerite Duras multimedia library.

About fifteen movies are scheduled at La Bellevilloise on February 1st & 2nd for the festival itself, in a selection adressing diverse themes all echoing current news: police brutality, transidentity, repression in Congo, etc. On the last day of the festival, Jean-Louis Le Tacon, a documentary and anthropological film specialist at Paris Nanterre university, will be leading the film-making workshop “Le cadre au corps”, a performance aiming to tackle “body techniques related to light filming (phone, camera, etc.).”

It is worth noting that most screenings, in the case of both ‘Hors Les Murs’ and films presented at La Bellevilloise, will be followed by a “meeting and debates with the authors and guests”. A good illustration of the raison d’être of Bobines Sociales, showcasing a “mosaic of visions about struggles that are ours as well.”



Price: Pay What You Want (Hors les Murs) – 1 Film: €5 – 1 Day: €10 – 2 Days (Pass): €16
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Bobines Sociales Festival

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