March 2019: 15 Exhibits by Female Artists in Eastern Paris

Today’s March 8 and there’s no better date to celebrate female artists! This month, our Eastern Paris art selection features 15 exhibits by women.

Calder at the Picasso Museum, Van Gogh at the Ateliers des Lumières, and Vasarely at the Centre Pompidou, that’s all well and good, but there’s a good chance we’ve all already come across their artworks – not to mention that none of them really needs much support in 2019.

With many female artists also featured in Parisian galleries and cultural venues, it would be a pity to deny ourselves a glimpse of their talents! We hope you’ll enjoy our monthly selection of exhibits to inspire your strolls from the Marais to Belleville:


Annalisa Bollini, Aline Deguen, Amélie Fontaine and Nadiia Zhelieznova – “Natures Sensibles”

March 21 – March 31, 2019

La divergence des icebergs. Sérigraphie et crayons de couleur / La planète des chauves-souris. Structures du vide. Screen Printing. © Aline Deguen

A true neighborhood staple, the Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville are welcoming the touring gallery Le Serpent Vert to present the work of four young illustrators: Annalisa Bollini, Aline Deguen, Amélie Fontaine and Nadiia Zhelizenova.

Complementing one another in dreamlike evocations – yet each boasting a very unique style – the artists explore a surprising bestiary in “Nature Sensibles”. “Nature, in its moving and changing faces, Terra Incognita, is open to all wanders, all reflections, all illusions, all legends” ; what a tantalizing program!

Thursday to Sunday : 2pm-8pm

Galerie Le Serpent Vert

Ateliers d’Artistes de Belleville
1 Rue Francis Picabia, 75020 Paris
+33 (0)1 73 74 27 67



Nina Bunjevac – “Bezimena”

Until March 9, 2019

Artworks from “Bezimena” © Nina Bunjevac

A Canadian artist with Serbian roots, Nina Bunjevac delivers a third book combining engraving and graphic novel with “Bezimena”, after her resolutely feminist work “Heartless” and the more personal “Fatherland”.

The Galerie Martel presents original prints showing the talent of this inspired graphic storyteller, who is currently in residence at Angoulème’s Maison des Auteurs. In her new book (Ici Même Éditions), eroticism and its darker sides are the central theme of a gripping journey in black and white.

Tuesday to Saturday: 2:30pm-7pm

Galerie Martel
17 Rue Martel, 75010 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 46 35 09



Rosemarie Castoro – “Wherein Lies the Space”

Until March 30, 2019

“Wherein Lies The Space” at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac © Rosemarie Castoro

The  Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac features the work of Rosemarie Castoro, a pioneer of minimalism and one of the few women who managed to receive recognition among the avant-garde artists of New York from the 1960s to the 1980s. Neglected for too long on this side of the ocean, the artist and her legacy are finally celebrated in France with this exhibit coinciding with the 80th anniversary of her birth.

The vast and multiform work of Rosemarie Castro follows an experimental and performative approach: the artist made choregraphy a central element of her installations, her own experience as a dancer being a major contribution to her pieces. Presenting a selection of powerful artworks, the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac offers a rare opportunity to appreciate her multidisciplinary talents, alternatively making use of painting, sculpture, conceptual art, poetry and live performance.

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-7pm

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac
7 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 72 99 00



Primavera De Filippi – “Plantoïdes”

Until April 15, 2019

“Plantoïdes” at the Gaîté Lyrique © Primavera De Filippi

An artist, legal expert and researcher at the CERSA and at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Primavera de Filippi is the woman behind “Plantoïdes”, an installation evoking seemingly futuristic yet very contemporary themes.

Based on the principles of blockchain technology (Bitcoin, Ethereum), the artist’s field of research, the plantoïdes evolve like artificial organisms by adopting biological skills – autonomy, self-sufficiency, reproduction, etc.

The Gaîté Lyrique will also be welcoming the major feminist event Computer Grrrls – Histoire-s, Genre-s, Technologie-s”, starting March 14. Two dozen artists and collectives will be featured to “revisit the history of women and machines” and “outline scenarios for a more inclusive future”.

Tuesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm – Sunday: 2pm-6pm

Gaîté Lyrique
3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 53 01 51 51



Sandrine Elberg – Stellaris

Until March 9

Deux œuvres extraites de “Stellaris” © Sandrine Elberg

Photographer Sandrine Elberg propels us towards the stars in this hypnotizing exhibit hosted at the Fisheye Gallery, a short walk away from the Canal Saint-Martin.

Far-away galaxies, dreamlike asteroids and imagined planetary surfaces alternate in these black and white works using a wide range of techniques: digital photography, postproduction, rayograph (interposition of an object between a sensitive paper and the light), and chemigram (use of light-sensitive paper).

Wednesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm

Fisheye Gallery
2 Rue de l’Hôpital Saint-Louis, 75010 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 37 24 19



Yoonkyung Jang – “Incandescence”

March 6 – April 14, 2019

Extrait de “Glimpse of us” à la Maison européenne de la photograpie © Yoonkyung Jang

The Studio at Maison Européenne de la Photographie presents the entire series “Glimpse of us”, featuring portraits of women by Korean artist Yookyung Jang. She was awarded the Dior Photography Award for Young Talents in 2018 thanks to this poetic work.

In her other series “Strange Seoul Rave”, the photographer shines a light on friends and strangers to highlight the hopes and doubts of a generation, evoking themes such as identity, freedom and sensuality.

The Maison Européenne de la Photographie also features the work of photographer Coco Capitán from March 6th to May 26th, 2019.

Full: €10 – Reduced: €6
Wednesday and Friday: 11am-8pm – Thursday : 11am-10pm – Saturday and Sunday: 10am-8pm

Maison Européenne de la Photographie
5/7 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 78 75 00



Elsa Leydier – “Transatlántica”

Until April 20, 2019

Intervalle - Copie
Untitled #3 from Braços Verdes e olhos Cheios de Asas – “Transatlántica” at Intervalle gallery © Elsa Leydier

A few steps away from the bustling Rue de Belleville, the Galerie Intervalle features three recent series (2016 to 2018) by the talented Elsa Leydier. Based in Brazil and with prior works in Colombia, the photographer uses textures and colors to “highlight the role of the image in the construction of the imaginary of a natural environment”.

In her latest series “#elenão”, the artist explores the discordance between the tropical clichés that too often characterizes Brazil and its most chilling drifts, especially following the elections which saw Bolsonaro and his followers reach the country’s highest positions last year.

Thursday and Friday: 2pm-7pm – Saturday: 12pm-7pm

Galerie Intervalle
12 rue Jouye Rouve
+33 (0)1 43 15 94 58



Vivian Maier – The Color Work

Until March 30, 2019

Milwaukee, MI, 1967 – Tirage chromogène, posthume © Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection; Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York; Les Douches la Galerie, Paris

The story of Vivian Maier is sad and fascinating at once. She worked for 40 years as a nanny, and her immense talent for photography was left ignored during her whole life. She took advantage of her trips in the streets of Chicago, New York and Los Angeles to produce more than 120,000 negatives. She could not afford to develop most of her pictures, and the recognition of their artistic value coincided with her passing in 2009 in her 83rd year.

Les Douches feature a series of more than forty photographs of the now celebrated anonymous, two thirds of which are in colors. Mostly taken from the 50s to the 70s, these works show the unique talent of Vivian Maier, an artist especially know for her portraits in black and white. The exhibit « The Color Work » demonstrate that the mysterious photographer’s poetic realism translates just as well in full colors.

Wednesday to Saturday: 2pm-7pm

Les Douches La Galerie
5, rue Legouvé 75010 Paris



Ad Minoliti – “Playboard”

Until April 30, 2019

“Playboard” at the Galerie Crèvecœur © Ad Minoliti

Based in Buenos Aires, multidisciplinary artist Ad Minoloti is coming to Paris to present surprising installations mixing “art history, architecture, queer feminism, interior design, animalism and speculative fiction”.

Climb to the top of Ménilmontant to find the Galerie Crèvecoeur and check out this vibrant work combining geometry and sensuality. Through the many mediums bringing life to her pieces (painting, installations, prints, clothes, not to mention videos and gifs!), Ad Minoliti shows her command of shapes, colors – and surprises.

Mercredi à samedi : 11h – 19h

Galerie Crèvecoeur
9 Rue des Cascades, 75020 Paris
+33 (0)9 54 57 31 26



Janine Niépce – “Une photographie française”

March 23 – May 18, 2019

Photograph from the exhibit “Une photographie française” – Polka Galerie © Janine Niépce

Janine Niépce was a member of the Resistance during World War II, one of the first female photojournalists, and a pioneer in documenting the history of the women’s rights movement: yet if her career reads like a succession of superlatives, they’re hardly enough to describe its depth and richness.

With “Une photographie française”, the Polka Galerie takes us in her footsteps in the streets of Paris and on the roads of France. This exhibit is the perfect occasion to discover the unique and humanist vision of globe-trotter Janine Niépce in her home country.

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am-7pm

Polka Galerie
Cour de Venise – 12-14 Rue Saint-Gilles, 75003 Paris
+33 (0)1 76 21 41 30



Constance Nouvel – “Atlante”

Until March 30, 2019

Œuvre extraite de l’exposition “Atlante” à la galerie In Situ © Constance Nouvel

From the Stalingrad station, walk along the elevated line 2 of the Paris metro to find In Situ gallery. Until March 30, artist Constante Nouvel blends techniques and artistic genres to take us along on her journey with “Atlante”, both “physical wanders and a voyage of soul-searching”.

Using photography, drawing, sculpture and installations, she makes the most of the spaces and volumes of the venue to highlight her pieces,  “these games of resonance and mise en abîme exploring reality through the lens of phography”.

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am-7pm

In Situ
14 Boulevard de la Chapelle, 75018 Paris
+33 (0)1 53 79 06 12



Sheina Szlamka – “Les Audacieuses”

Until March 19, 2019

Visuel de l’exposition “Les Audacieuses” à la Slow Gallery © Sheina Szlamka

The trailblazing Slow Gallery welcomes illustrator Sheina Szlakma to present her portrait series of “audacieuse” women who wrote history: Marie Curie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Simone Veil are featured among twenty other female figures celebrated for their struggles and contributions to human progress.

Full of the intensity and spontaneity which characterize the artist’s style, these colorful portraits illustrated the book “Les Audacieuses” written by Yannick Resch and published in 2018.

Tuesday to Friday: 12pm-7:30pm – Saturday: 11am-7pm

Slow Gallery
5 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 43 55 44 68



Erika Verzutti – Part of “Mutations/Créations 3”

Until April 15, 2019

Centre Pompidou
Artwork from the exhibit “Créations/Mutations” at the Centre Pompidou © Eduardo Ortega, courtesy of artist Erika Verzutti

For the third edition of the event “Mutations/Créations”, the Centre Pompidou presents the work of Erika Verzutti, a Brazilian artist known for her sculptures full of “Venusian sensuality”. It is her first solo exhibit in France.

The pieces featured in the Galerie 3 of the prestigious museum reveal her strong feminine – and feminist – inspirations. The spaces of the museum make for a perfect frame to highlight the different materials used by the artist: bronze, ceamics, cement and papier mâché.

Full: €14€ – Age 18-25: €11 – Under 18: Free
Monday to Sunday: 11am-9pm

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 78 12 33



Ziyi Wang, Weizhi Yu and Yini Zhao – “Au Nom du Printemps”

Until March 15, 2019

Oeuvre extraite de l’exposition « Au nom du printemps » à la galerie d’Asiemut © Weizhi Yu

Opened in 2018 at the heart of Belleville to enhance cultural exchances between France and Asia, the gallery of the Asiemut association features the work of three Chinese artists until March 15.

Each one of them uses a different technique: Ziyi Wang follows the principles of Han embroidery (recognized as part of the intangible cultural heritage of China), Weizhi Yu continues the tradition of Chinese paper cutting with her delicate artworks, and Yini Zhao shows her command of colors and textures through blazing paintings.

Galerie Asiemut
12 Rue du Buisson Saint-Louis, 75010 Paris
+33 (0)1 85 09 18 85



Multiple Artists – “Femme, Femme, Femme”

March 16 – April 13, 2019

Close to the Voltaire crossroad, the Galerie Satellite has a distinctive feature: it is made up of two different spaces, one dedicated to European artists, the other one to Japanese artists.

This month, “Femme, Femme, Femme” features the work of around forty artists during performances organized each Saturday, with a vernissage planned on Saturday 16 at 6pm. Feel free to browse the gallery’s website and social media to know the exact date and time of the performances.

Tuesday to Saturday: 1:30pm-7pm

Galerie Satellite
7 Rue François de Neufchâteau, 75011 Paris
+33 (0)1 43 79 80 20




Illustration Picture: Vivian Meyer – Milwaukee, MI, 1967 – Tirage chromogène, posthume © Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy Maloof Collection; Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York; Les Douches la Galerie, Paris

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